ECU diagnostics and programming

Our equipment allows us to 'read' vehicle electronic control units and reprogramme them in accordance with the latest industry standards. This can be worthwhile, as manufacturers often release software updates to address known issues or simply improve running, fuel economy and performance. We can now carry out programming and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) updates for Ford, Vauxhall, Jaguar, Land Rover (2006 on), Peugeot, Citroen and Renault vehicles. Experience with many cars over the years has shown us that they usually benefit from improved driveability and response after an ECU update. Of course this is only applicable if the manufacturer has released a newer software version than the one installed. Alternatively, we can provide full engine remapping for improved power output and overall performance and economy. Click here for full details.

Should your car require a replacement instrument cluster, we can offer speedometer correction, giving an accurate representation of your vehicle's mileage to any future owners. We now also stock and supply reconditioned Ford Focus instrument panels.

Our technical expertise covers ECUs for engine management, air bags, ABS and traction control units, vehicle dashboards and other functions. Our equipment allows us to diagnose faults and reprogramme units for a vast range of vehicles, including Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mazda, SAAB, Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Vauxhall, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and Toyota among many others.

ECU replacement and repair

Most vehicles incorporate a number of ECUs, which are basically small computers that control various functions; from engine management to instrument panels, the opening and closing of windows, sunroofs or convertible tops, and even down to the smallest things such as the delay function for interior lights. Many recent vehicles are manufactured with these units coded to a specific car, which can result in very high costs if a unit needs to be replaced, as a used ECU from a different vehicle (even exactly the same model) will not work correctly and usually cannot be suitable programmed.

Unfortunately, ECUs can be fragile and temperamental and can easily be damaged, even by something as basic as 'jump starting' a vehicle (something you should never, ever do with any modern car). Common symptoms include engine misfiring, difficulty in starting and excessive fuel consumption, as well as more obvious issues such as warning lights. In many cases, we are able to clear fault codes and reprogramme ECUs back to original software settings, saving you potentially vast sums of money.

In cases where an ECU is actually damaged, we can nearly always source a replacement remanufactured unit, or have your own ECU repaired. Many of the more common remanufactured ECUs are available from stock on an exchange basis, meaning we can get your vehicle back on the road quickly. We can, of course, reprogramme the replacement unit to function correctly in your vehicle.

ECU programming from £42 including VAT
Speedometer correction from £30 including VAT
Module configuration from £42 including VAT

General vehicle diagnostics

Has the engine management or emissions fault light illuminated on your dashboard? Is your car misfiring, using excessive amounts of fuel or just not running smoothly? Once a fault light has illuminated on your dashboard, the ECU should have stored a diagnostic fault code. This means the computer system on your vehicle has detected a problem. A modern vehicle has many sensors that monitor the various components installed. If a fault light has illuminated, your vehicle may be set to 'limp home mode'. This means that it will be running on a predetermined setting that causes massively reduced performance. At this point you should bring your vehicle to use for diagnostic tests to identify and repair the problem. In many cases, apparent faults are actually software problems, which can be quickly and easily rectified. More information.

We have up-to-date equipment from specialist manufacturers, including Sun, Launch, Abritis, Bosch, Autodiagnos, Ford and GM. With these systems, our fully-trained engineers can quickly identify and rectify virtually any problem associated with engine and vehicle electronic management and control systems. Effective fault diagnosis enables us to rapidly find any issue and ensures that the correct parts are supplied and fitted first time round, saving you time, and of course, money.

If your car (new or old) is fitted with a fuel injection system, we are able to carry out injector testing and cleaning on site for most cars. The injector spray pattern is monitored, injectors are leak checked, flow rate tested, then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. We can carry out emissions testing on petrol and diesel engines, catalyst and non-catalyst systems. Please note that just because your car has failed it's MOT on emissions, it does not necessarily mean that the catalyst is faulty. There are many reasons for high emissions readings. We are able to check this for you.

ECU fault code reading, from £30 including VAT
Engine diagnostics, from £54 including VAT
Injector cleaning, from £18 including VAT (per injector)
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