ECU and engine remapping

MK T and B are fully certified and approved agents for Quantum Tuning engine remapping services. Modern vehicles are fitted with engine management systems that monitor and regulate their running. From the drawing board through to the production line, cars and commercial vehicles are designed to be able to operate over a vastly varied set of conditions, including extremes of temperature and altitude, and varying fuel quality. Economies of scale mean that your vehicle has effectively the same settings as one being used in a country where fuel is of relatively low standards or there are extremely adverse conditions. Fuel in Europe has to comply with regulations, so unless you regularly use your vehicle in non-EU countries, it is highly likely that your engine is not operating at its most efficient. More information.

Engine remapping involves reprogramming your vehicle's engine management system to take advantage of the potential for enhanced efficiency. Although generally thought of in terms of performance, when correctly carried out, remapping can substantially improve economy. An upgrade that can pay for itself over and over again! All our remapping services come complete with a comprehensive guarantee, including a 30-day money-back offer. Remapping can be calibrated in different ways, either to significantly improve economy or performance.

For additional information, please visit the Quantum Tuning website.

DPF problems

DPF (diesel particulate filter) systems are commonly fitted to many diesel vehicles. Designed to reduce emissions, they can often become partly or completely blocked in normal use, causing serious problems with running and economy. DPF problems can be enormously costly to rectify through a main agent, and dealers usually simply advise replacement in the event of a fault. At MK T and B Centre we have the correct equipment to properly diagnose DPF faults, which may not be down to the unit itself. In the event of a seriously blocked filter we can carry out repair on site, or if the unit is damaged, we can send it away for professional cleaning or refurbishment, potentially saving you a fortune.

Click here for full details about DPF problems.

EGR problems

EGR (exhaust gas regeneration) is a system that allows a certain percentage of a vehicle's exhaust to be returned to the engine to reduce emissions. However, with use the system can become blocked or faulty, causing poor running and substantially increased fuel consumption; problems that can prove incredibly costly to rectify. In many cases, removing the EGR system can result in significant gains in economy, improved performance and better running.

EGR removal is a process that must be carried out correctly, as simply removing the physical components can cause more harm than good. The engine management system needs to be correctly reprogrammed in order to operate efficiently and correctly again. At MK T&B Centre we have the correct diagnostic and reprogramming equipment in order to remove or repair EGR systems and return your vehicle to the prime of health.

Click here for more details about EGR removal and repair services.

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