Vauxhall ECU units and problems

We have listed below a number of the more common Vauxhall ECU faults for your information and guidance. All of these are issues we can help you with. In many cases, existing ECUs can simply be reprogrammed to rectify issues. In some cases the unit may have developed a fault. In the vast majority of instances where replacement is required, we can either have your original unit repaired or re-manufactured, or can source a re-manufactured equivalent. All these units or repairs are to original specifications and are fully guaranteed. It is extremely rare that your control unit will need to be replaced with a new one from the manufacturer and we can nearly always come up with a cost-effective alternative solution.

You may encounter the term 'Tech 2' in connection with this. Tech 2 refers to the diagnostic softwware, hardware and connection. It enables us to 'read' fault codes that the management system records. This is also valid for other General Motors vehicles and others using the same or similar equipment, including SAAB, Suzuki and Isuzu. Not infrequently, faults are actually relatively minor and we can reset the system.

key removal tools Please note, virtually every modern Vauxhall ECU is specifically software coded to a vehicle's chassis number and on many units this code cannot be altered or overwritten. A second-hand equivalent from a different vehicle cannot be used in these cases.

Please do not be tempted to try and save money by buying a second-hand unit from the Internet and fitting it. In many cases, and especially for engine management applications, a replacement ECU will not function correctly, or might not work at all. Worse, it may result in damage to other components. We regret that because of potential issues with complete vehicle systems and the potential for further damage, we are unable to offer any service to reprogram a second-hand Vauxhall ECU or any other unit unless supplied by ourselves.


Vauxhall 1.7 TDI: ECU/EDU failure
Failure of the main engine ECU is a known issue on vehicles fitted with the Isuzu-manufactured diesel engine, including a number of Astra and Combo models. The fault is usually apparent with the engine not starting at all, or running for a short while and then stopping. The problem can initially be intermittent, but is symptomatic of a failing unit and should be investigated as quickly as possible to prevent potential further damage. It is sometimes possible to rectify the issue with revised software, but in some cases a replacement or repaired unit will be required. We have the correct diagnostic hardware and software to 'read' the fault codes and quickly ascertain the nature of the problem.

Vauxhall Vectra, Zafira and Astra, 1.8 16V: engine control unit failure
ECU failure is a known issue with these models and is becoming increasingly common with older cars. The problem is usually initially apparent when the engine starts to misfire and the engine warning light comes on and stays illuminated. Engine running continues to be erratic, usually becoming worse, and performance and economy are seriously adversely affected. The issue is usually due to the fact that the control unit is attached directly to the engine, and is therefore subjected to extremes of temperature, vibration and humidity. Reprogramming may sometimes cure the problem, but it normally requires replacement or repair of the ECU. We can obtain a rebuilt unit or have your existing one rebuilt, usually within just a few days. The engine warning light may of course indicate other potential problems, but under any circumstances it is essential to investigate the cause quickly to prevent possible further problems and potential engine damage.

Vauxhall 'Easytronic' system: gearbox and clutch actuator failure
The 'easytronic' semi-automatic gearbox is generally reliable, but problems with the control unit are well-known and certainly not uncommon. The engine will not start and an 'F' is displayed on the dashboard. Replacement re-built units are available or we can have your existing unit repaired, depending on the extent and nature of the fault.

Vauxhall Meriva: electric power steering failure
This is not at present a notably common issue, although we have recently seen an increasing number of examples of this unit failing. The symptoms are an intermittent, minor loss of steering assistance, turning in either direction. This usually starts off as an occasional, intermittent fault, but becomes more notable over time and can result in complete loss of power steering. We can supply and fit a re-built steering column or have your existing unit repaired, depending on the nature of the fault. For obvious safety reasons, you should let us check your car as a matter of urgency if there are any indications of this problem.

Vauxhall Corsa C: electric power steering failure
This is a relatively common failure, which results in a loss of power assistance to the steering in both directions. This can sometimes be intermittent, but in most cases there is a complete failure of powered assistance. Rebuilt columns are available through us and for obvious safety reasons, you should let us check your car as a matter of urgency if there are any indications of this issue.

Vauxhall Vectra 2.0 and Omega 2.5: anti-lock braking system (ABS) pump or control unit failure
This fault is becoming more common as vehicles age and attain higher mileages. The ABS warning light remains illuminated and anti-lock braking does not function correctly. We can have your existing unit re-built within a few days, or can source a replacement unit, depending on the severity of the fault. This problem does not result in total brake failure, however, the loss of anti-lock braking has obvious safety implications and should be dealt with without delay.

Vauxhall Astra: electric sunroof control unit
A common fault that results in the roof not being able to be opened or closed. Replacement units are available and can be obtained and fitted quickly by us.

Vauxhall engine ECUThese are just a few of the more common Vauxhall ECU faults that we are aware of. If you have any engine management or other electrical faults on your Vauxhall car or light commercial, we are able to help. If there is a warning light illuminated on your dashboard, please don't ignore it. It might be a safety issue, or if left untreated could lead to far more serious problems or engine damage in the long term. Any problem with an engine control unit will also almost always result in seriously compromised performance and economy.

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