Reprogramming or replacing Fiat remote keys

We specialise in car keys and remotes, and are able to assist with key programming issues affecting any Fiat model. We can supply replacement remote keys and can often reprogram existing units in case of any fault, as well as cutting standard-type keys for older vehicles. These services can be quickly carried out to duplicate any remotes and cut any keys from existing patterns. We can also offer a 'cut to code' service for many later Fiat models, so do not necessarily need any originals. Please visit our main page about car keys, or please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Avoid second-hand remote keys

Please do not buy a second hand or supposedly new remote over the Internet from unknown sources. All later Fiat models with either a transponder key or full remote have an in-built security code locking them to a specific vehicle. This code cannot be changed or over-written, so a second-hand remote will be a complete waste of money.

Re-synchronising Fiat remotes

Regrettably, the vast majority of Fiat remotes cannot be re-synchronised or programmed without the use of diagnostic equipment and without the relevant PIN code. If your remote stops working correctly, please contact us for assistance.

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