Renault keycards

Two basic types of key card have been supplied with various models of Renault vehicles for a number of years. The first is similar to many 'standard' vehicle remote keys. It has buttons to lock or unlock the car, and is inserted into a dashboard slot to start the engine. The second type only requires you to have the card in a pocket or handbag and is 'recognised' by the vehicle, allowing you to open the doors and start the car. As for the name, there is some debate as to whether they should be called 'key cards' or 'keycards' (and in their literature, even Renault and their main agents appear unsure at times). However, there is very little debate among owners that although they have their benefits, these cards can sometimes be a real pain, and an expensive one too.

Renault key card for a Launa model

Technologically, key cards are innovative and generally they are relatively reliable, but they are prone to occasional failure and this usually means that replacement is necessary, as repair is usually impossible or prohibitively costly. They are also unfortunately rather fragile. Apart from the obvious issue of losing a key card, it is all too easy to leave it in your pocket, sit on it and break it. Electronic failure is mailnly an issue with older cards and in our experience, unfortunately many turn out to be impossible to re-programme once they stop working.

The most sensible advice we can ever give is to make sure you have at least one extra spare hidden away somewhere in case of trouble. It is all too easy to break or lose one card and to keep using the only spare on a 'when I get round to it' basis. Of course, it is inevitable that this is exactly the time when you will lose or break the spare as well. However, we are all human and we know things don't always go to plan.

At MK T&B Centre we specialise in car keys and are well known for our ability to supply Renault key cards at a significant saving from main agent prices. In fact, we are one of the UK's leading supplier of replacement cards. Please note, we are aware of some companies offering cheap replacement Renault keycards on auction sites. Since June 2006 it has not been possible to programme a new replacement key card without supplying relevant security details regarding ownership of the car. In order to correctly programme any card we supply, we have to contact Renault with certain information in order to obtain the correct data, further the card must be correctly authorised for programming in the first place. It is vital to note that if you buy a used card, it will almost certainly NOT be possible to programme this to work with a different vehicle, as for most types the inbuilt security system and coding cannot be over-ridden or re-programmed. Please do not waste money on a cheap, second-hand card or one from any unkown source, as you are likely to find it impossible to use.

We can supply and programme replacement key cards for the following vehicles:
Megane II
Scenic II
Laguna II
Espace IV
Vel Satis

In addition, we can supply and programme remote keys for the following vehicles:
Clio II
Clio III

We can also cut and supply standard keys for virtually all earlier Renault models. All of this can be done from an existing key, key card or remote, even if it is broken. However, we can also offer a 'cut to code' service for keys and cards for many later vehicles. As a result, lost car key cards are no longer a problem.

Please note: As a temporary measure, many types of Renault key card have a 'standard' metal key built in. Remove this and it will fit into the emergency lock, which is under a plastic cover on the front passenger-side door handle. This will allow you to open the car in the event that your key card will not unlock the doors. The inbuilt alarm will normally be triggered. Insert the keycard into the dashboard slot and with luck, the alarm will stop and you may be able to start the vehicle. If not, the alarm will stop sounding after approximately one minute or less. Re-lock the car manually and contact us for assistance. We are usually able to supply correctly programmed key cards without needing access to the vehicle. Even if vehicle programming or code reading is necessary, provided you are relatively local we can carry out the work at your home or business premises to avoid additional costs.

See our main page about car keys, or please contact us and we will be able to help you.