Increase the performance and economy of your turbo-diesel vehicle

MK T and B Centre can provide electronic control unit (ECU) remapping and software upgrades for a vast range of turbo-diesel engined vehicles, both passenger cars and light commercials. We specialise in this service, and have fully-rained staff and all the latest equipment and software to correctly and reliably perform engine remapping in our Milton Keynes workshop. Turbo-diesel engines are particularly suited for this upgrade and we pride ourselves on ensuring the highest quality service and the best enhancement of engine efficiency. Our aim is always to retain all the good aspects of TD engines, such as flexibility and reliability, whilst providing significant gains to both performance and economy.

The electronic control unit in a vehicle incorporates a computer 'map', which changes various engine settings in response to external factors such as engine load and speed, engine and external temperature, air pressure and many others. The initial programming of the ECU is, of course, carried out by the manufacturer when a vehicle is built. However, the settings are almost always a 'catch-all' compromise, enabling engines to be used over a vast range of markets, some of which have comparatively low standards of fuel compared with Europe. Further, some vehicles are deliberately restricted in order to fall into specific tax bands to the benefit of fleet operators. Engine remapping, by upgrading the ECU, provides significant gains in just about every way and we are careful to ensure that programming does not adversely affect the parameters built into the system, thereby we make sure there is no compromise in terms of reliability. For full remapping, we are an authorised operator for Quantum Tuning, one of the most respected and experienced companies in this field. With offices and facilities around the world, Quantum Tuning are at the leading edge of development in terms of vehicle-related and tuning softwarem and using their products, we are pleased to be able to offer turbo-diesel engine remapping with a comprehensive guarantee. In common with Quantum Tuning, we do not make excessive claims for potential benefits. We will give you accurate information regarding the potential gains that can be achieved through remapping.

In addition to remapping, we also offer full diagnostic and ECU upgrade services. Even if you do not want to go down the route of a full remap, we have the latest manufacturer upgrades to ensure your vehicle is programmed with the most up-to-date software available. This software is regularly updated for many vehicles and surprising gains in terms of efficiency and better running are often possible. This is, of course, only relevant if updated software is available for your vehicle. Please contact us and we will be able to check this for you.

Turbo-diesel remapping will give you:

Increased horsepower

Increased torque

Smoother running

Enhanced throttle response

Better fuel economy

Please contact us to confirm pricing and availability for your own vehicle, and we will provide you realistic and honest details of the potential for improvements.

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