If you have mislaid your keys...

Up until quite recently, if you were unlucky enough to lose all your car keys, it was likely to prove very costly. In the absence of a spare, inevitably the only answer was to replace one or all of the vehicle's locks, together with the ignition switch - neither a simple nor a cheap task. In many cases, the cost meant that just one or two locks were replaced, and many older used cars ended up with a large bunch of different keys, resulting in the problem of standing in the pouring rain trying to find which one opened the door, which one the boot, etc.

With the advent and development of electronics and their widespread use in cars, the situation became a lot worse before getting better. Modern electronic 'keys', transponders and vehicle remotes are sophisticated devices, which 'talk' to a vehicle's in-built security system, central locking and other devices. Misplacing the remote used to be worse than losing a standard key: the repair was just as time consuming, and the financial cost could be very high indeed. On a few vehicles, it was actually impossible to reprogram the system, which meant a new control unit, ignition lock and remotes were needed.

However, today the situation is very different. With simple mechanical locks, records of key numbers were (if kept at all) kept on paper and therefore very easily lost. Once that happened, changing the locks was the only option. For more recent vehicles, records are usually centralised and although (for obvious reasons) secure, it is almost always possible to obtain the necessary coding information to provide replacements without needing to physically change anything on the vehicle itself, apart from sometimes quick reprogramming. This process is known as 'cutting to code'. Therefore if you have mislaid your keys, in the majority of cases we can obtain the relevant details from the vehicle's manufacturer and rapidly provide you with replacements that work perfectly, saving you cost and inconvenience.

The most sensible advice is, of course, to try and ensure you always have at least one spare remote or key at home. However, it is very easy to start using the spare if the original fails or is lost. If you only have one remote or key, please save yourself potential time and money and get us to provide a spare!

Replacement standard remotes, from £48
Replacement remote keys, from £72
Renault key cards, from £120
Standard key cutting, from £24
Key programming, from £24 (all incl. VAT)

...we can help!

For cut to code services, obviously you will need to provide us with suitable documentation for security purposes if you do not have the keys. However, our services for cutting to code and supplying and programming new remotes is in many cases, and for many types of vehicle, available country-wide, as we can supply and post items.

Therefore, no matter where you are, if you can manage to wait for postage, we can provide replacements for keys and remotes in many cases. If you are local to us, we can also offer a call-out service and sort out your problems on site with the minimum of fuss or bother, and most importantly, at a very reasonable cost.

Please note that if you have lost a remote, it is straightforward for us to re-programme the vehicle and any other remotes so that the lost unit cannot be used to unlock or drive your car. For security purposes it is highly advisable to do this. Your lost remote could be found by someone, who would then be able to access and start the car. Further, it is always possible that a remote has not actually been lost, but taken by someone else deliberately with the intention of stealing the vehicle at a later time.

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