Have you damaged your car keys?

Breaking a car key or vehicle remote is obviously a real problem, but in virtually every case we can not only help you, but can also help you to save money. There are many ways a standard metal key can be broken, but the worst (and most frequent) scenario is to break one in a car's door lock or ignition. In some cases, it may be possible for you to extract the broken part yourself. Click here to see how. Alternatively, we can always assist. For local customers, we offer an off-site service, so can come to you to sort out the problem.

If you have both parts of the broken key, you can bring these to us and in the vast majority of cases we will be able to use these to cut a replacement for you. We hold 'blanks' for most of the common types, including 3D laser-cut styles, so can almost always assist.

The situation is somewhat different for electronic vehicle remotes. If these have been physically broken or have simply stopped functioning correctly, we can almost always provide a replacement. Often this is possible even if the remote has been damaged beyond salvage, as we can either obtain the correct electronic codes from the vehicle, or can have these provided by the manufacturer. This is also the case for specialist remotes, such as Renault key cards. As with standard type keys, we hold a large range of new remotes in stock ready for programming, and can obtain most of the unusual types in a very short space of time.

Please do not be tempted to buy a second-hand remote from the Internet. In a significant number of cases, these can only ever be programmed to work with the vehicle they were initially supplied with. It is false economy.

Replacement standard remotes, from £48
Replacement remote keys, from £72
Renault key cards, from £120
Standard key cutting, from £24
Key programming, from £24 (all incl. VAT)

We have the best value solution!

Obviously, the most sensible advice we can give is that you should always have at least one spare key or remote hidden away at home in case of trouble. However, we are all human and it is the sort of thing that is very easily forgotten. If the worst does come to the worst, all is not lost! We can always help, so please contact us. It is worthwhile mentioning that for security purposes, you should be very careful when throwing away a broken key or remote, as it is always possible that someone could find it and use it to obtain a replacement. Throw away the parts of a standard broken key in separate places, and make sure any remote is completely destroyed.

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