ECU remapping and fuel consumption improvements

For many years, engine remapping was mainly the preserve of motoring enthusiasts keen on getting the maximum possible performance from a vehicle. In fact this was where the process of remapping was first developed and applied. However, the trend is changing and in today's world, the potential improvements in fuel economy are an equally, or more, important consideration, especially in view of ever-increasing fuel prices. Recently, there has been a significant growth in the number of private individuals and operators of vehicle fleets who take advantage of engine remapping as a way to increase economy, rather than outright performance.

ECU remapping in in essence a relatively simple concept. and although the technology was originally only used for turbo-charged vehicles, applications are now available for almost any engine type. Whilst the potential savings are vitally important to the private motorist, they can make an immense difference to fleet owners or company drivers covering high mileages. Figures show that savings as high as 20% are possible for some vehicles, which is not to be disregarded. Transport companies and taxi firms can make vast savings considering the annual mileages their vehicles are likely to cover.

increase fuel economy with engine remappingAs an example, after engine remapping a fleet with ten average small diesel vehicles covering 25,000 miles each, would produce a saving of up to more than £6,700 a year at January 2015 fuel prices. That figure assumes the maximum saving of 20%. However, even if only 10% is achieved (and it is very rarely that small) then the saving would still be over £3,350. An amount that would more than cover the cost of engine mapping for ten vehicles within the first year. The cost of fuel is an ever-increasing burden on motorists and correctly carried out, remapping can substantially reduce your costs. At MK T and B Centre, we have been providing engine remapping in Milton Keynes for many years. We have trained technicians and have invested in the most up-to-date hardware and software to be able to carry out the procedure correctly and efficiently.

Our remapping is performed exclusively using software from Quantum Tuning and we are a fully-approved Quantum dealer. Quantum are one of the leading companies in the field and have a large team of computer engineers constantly working on engine software. Using their systems means that the work we carry out also comes with a comprehensive warranty and a no-nonsense approach with regard to the potential savings and improvements available.

In addition to full engine remapping, manufacturers also frequently introduce updated software for their electronic systems. This is often done to improve engine running and efficiency, and to deal with minor faults and software 'bugs'. Updating software is a relatively straightforward and can offer surprising benefits at a very reasonable cost. Naturally, this is only applicable if relevant software is available. Please contact us with your vehicle details and we will be able to advise accordingly.

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