Vehicle remotes and car keys. Answers to frequently asked questions

Can you offer replacements for any car key or remote?

Most, although some for specialist vehicles and very late models are only currently available direct from franchised dealers. We keep a very wide range of new vehicle remotes in stock at our Milton Keynes workshop, and for the vast majority of others, we can source, and correctly programme replacements within a few hours at most. For older vehicles, or ones with only a standard-type key, we hold a large variety of blanks and can cut spare keys on the spot while you wait. Please contact us and we can tell you whether we can provide a suitable replacement.

Do you need to have the vehicle?

If you have original keys or remotes, even if not working, then in many cases we do not need access to the vehicle. However, some units do need to be coded to the car in order to work correctly and in some cases the vehicle's locking and security system needs to be programmed. Please contact us and we can advise. Please also note that we are able to come to you within a reasonable distance and can supply and programme replacement remote keys and vehicles at your home or work address. For security purposes, if you have lost a remote or remote key, it is strongly advised that you have the vehicle and all the other remotes reprogrammed so that the missing unit will no longer work with the vehicle.

What happens if I have lost or broken all my keys?

In the majority of cases we can assist if your vehicle is relatively recent. Subject to certain documentation being produced we can offer a 'cut to code' service. This means that even if you have mislaid or damaged all your keys or remotes, we can obtain the relevant details from the manufacturer in order to provide replacements. In some cases, we are also able to 'read' the relevant codes from the vehicle itself. Please note that the cut to code service is dependant on the relevant manufacturer holding appropriate data. It is usually not possible for older vehicles and may not be possible for some personally-imported cars. Some late-model vehicle remotes for more specialised vehicles are also unfortunately only able to be programmed by main agents.

How much does it cost?

It does, of course, depend on the service required and the type of remote, but replacement standard remotes start from £48 and replacement remote keys from £72 (both including VAT). All our services for replacement keys and remotes cost significantly less than the charge for this work at a main agent.

Can you supply Renault key cards?

Yes. This is a specialty of ours. We are one of the UK's leading suppliers. We hold cards in stock and can supply and programme all types.

Can you programme my existing remote?

Under some circumstances, a vehicle remote may require reprogramming. If the remote was originally working with your vehicle, it may be able to be correctly reprogrammed if it has stopped functioning, although we should point out that it is more likely the unit is faulty and the remote will need to be replaced. Please also note the comment below with regard to buying a used remote.

Is it OK to buy a second-hand remote for my car and can you programme it?

Please do not be tempted to buy a used vehicle remote or remote key. For many vehicles, these units are matched to a specific car chassis number using a 'write once' type of coding. In these cases, they cannot subsequently be reprogrammed to work with a different car. Similarly, many new replacements will only work with one vehicle once coded. In view of the problems, we are unable to offer programming for any used remote, remote key or key card unless it was originally supplied with your vehicle. Similarly, be wary about buying any replacement remote from an Internet seller. Many are, of course, legitimate, but if something appears too good to be true, then as always, it is likely to be no good.

Do you offer any off-site key services?

Yes. Provided you are reasonably local to our Milton Keynes premises, we are usually able to send a technician out to you. Please contact us.

Can you cut other types of keys?

We hold blanks for Yale-style keys and can cut these and many other types of domestic and commercial keys. Please contact us and we can advise.

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